How much time does your hair cost you?

permanent hair straighteningThrow out your flat irons!

How would it feel waking up in the morning with beautiful, straight hair that requires almost no maintenance to look beautiful?

No more flat ironing your hair.  No more blow-drying.  No products to apply.

Introducing permanent hair straightening!

We have the answer for you at Sparkle Beauty House with our permanent hair straightening service!

Our service includes:

  • hair wash.
  • Your choice of Japanese or Keratin permanent hair treatment.
  • hair cut and style.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

One treatment will ensure straight, manageable hair and will only require re-touching to keep straight!

A normal treatment will cost between $500+ depending on the hair type and thickness. However, the first 10 clients each week will get the full service for only $159!

To take advantage of this offer, call us right away!  You can reach us at 604-428-5969 or 778-839-5656 to schedule your appointment.

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