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Olaplex Treatment Services in Vancouver

Sparkle Beauty House has been providing professional hair services, hair colouring, hair straightening and damaged hair care treatment services. All of our certified and skilled professional hairstylists are well versed in the use of Olaplex for perm, colour and hair treatment services.

The Olaplex treatment in Vancouver has been the biggest trend in hair treatment industry for years as this is free from silicon, aldehydes, phthalates, sulphates, glutten and is never tested on animals, which means this is secure for your hair.

Olaplex is formulated by a team of scientists that’s been proven to help maintain the health. This is helpful to protect your hair from damage even after it’s been highly processed. Olaplex treatment helps reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Your hair may be damaged during the colouring or hair treatment process, and Olaplex helps you get them in perfect condition.

For the hair that has been damaged during chemical treatment, Olaplex should be the first step for the treatment. It comes with a unique Bond Multiplying System that allows you to rebuild the strength and integrity to the point where your hair are once again ready for hair colouring and straightening treatments.

Olaplex treatment is compatible for all types of hair from virgin to chemically treated hair and may be done in the salon once a week or more, depending upon the damage your hair is having.

When to Use Olaplex Treatment?
For best results, Olaplex treatment must be done during a colour treatment rather than after it. The treatment gives hairstylists the ability treat even the most damaged hair that get stronger with each treatment. Also, this protects your hair from future damage. Even the most renowned celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian use the Olaplex treatment to protect their hair from any type of color damage.

It is pertinent to understand that Olaplex is not a cure-all for dry or damaged hair. It is a treatment that works on improving hair condition from within, as opposed to the conditioners that works to treat the damaged tresses.

As experts, we understand how Olaplex treatment works the best.

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