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Hair Loss Treatment

There isn’t anything worse for a woman than the damaged hair. Damaged hair can be due to many factors such as winter weather, lack of daily heat protectant products, blow-dryers & flat ironing, lack of hair maintenance, exposure to chlorine & hard water, chemical treatments, sun exposure or heat styling treatments. Scalp can be also a reason for damaged hair.

During the chemical treatments, the soft hair fibre interior get exposed leading to damage which is accelerated leading to the increase in potential hair loss. Normal hair loss is natural, but when it exceeds the hair growth, then it is termed as hair problem and visible result looks like over time.

Damaged hair treatment or hair loss treatment in Vancouver at Sparkle Beauty House has been created to address this issue when hair is damaged and compromised. We use only natural products and methods to deal with hair loss problem, which helps reduce hair loss and support the potential for new hair re-growth.

Our damaged hair treatments are customized according to the type of problem your hair may be facing. Our solutions work at the deepest level, delivering an intense Protein cure for damaged hair roots and as a Sealer that locks down the Hair resulting in less hair fall and smoothing your hair’s surface.

There is not just one type of hair damage. This is why we follow the multi-level damaged hair treatment process where we properly treat each level of damage. The techniques are specifically designed by our expert hairstylists in order assess the specific level of hair damage so they can select the suitable treatment formulated for your hair. With special training and years of expertise, only our stylists can deliver the best treatment to your damaged hair.

Our hairstylists will apply the customised damaged hair treatment based on your evaluation with some advice to keep them looking shining and natural with some tips that you can follow at home.

Your hair are beautiful… keep them shining and natural looking with damaged hair treatment by Sparkle Beauty House, where we use only natural, no chemical, products for all types of hair treatments.

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