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Balayage Hair Salon

Balayage, also known as “Hair Painting,” is a French word that means sweeping. This is a free-hand hair color technique, just like painting, used to create a natural sun-kissed look.

Unlike the other hair color techniques, Balayage is not done using foils. During Balayage, lightener is applied on the surface and not saturating each section to the ends of each hair strain. This results in the most natural-looking results because the colorist can scatter the colors throughout your hair in a more truly “sun-kissed” and haphazard pattern.

For the best results, the highlighter is applied on the surface of each section and fully saturated while the hairstylist would progress towards the tips. It is best when done on natural hair colors. Balayage offers more flexibility to the hairstylists, which makes the highlight pattern look very linear and grid-like.

Expert Hair Painting @ Balayage Hair Salon in Vancouver BC

Our experts at Sparkle Beauty House, Balayage hair salon put their innovation in the Balayage hair color technique to make the final results even attractive and beautiful. We start painting the color on at mid shaft which is where the sun naturally hits the most. We leave no chance of dark pieces left on the bottom to create dimensions and make your hair looking more beautiful and natural.

Ann Believes that Balayage color technique is the best way to customize the depth, dimension, and lightness from your roots to your ends. Our hair color services are not just personalized for each client, but we can successfully use the method to achieve any color result you desire.

Our Balayage Hair Salon in Vancouver BC will make your hair look like natural sun-kissed highlights. We understand that your hair is your best accessory so we make sure using only natural colors during the Balayage highlights treatment. Our stylists are given the highest levels of training and are continually updating their skills to give you the season’s freshest looks.

Tips: Balayage color is supposed to look natural and sun-kissed. This is suggested to go only 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Inform your hairstylist if you’ve previously colored your hair. This will help the stylist to use the most effective color and treatment.

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