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Fun and helpful information about hair and beauty

How much time does your hair cost you?

Throw out your flat irons! How would it feel waking up in the morning with beautiful, straight hair that requires almost no maintenance to look beautiful? No more flat ironing your hair.  No more blow-drying.  No products to apply. Introducing permanent hair straightening! We have the answer for you at Sparkle Beauty House with our permanent hair straightening service! Our service includes: hair wash. Your choice of Japanese or Keratin permanent hair treatment. hair cut and style. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! One treatment will ensure straight, manageable hair and will only require re-touching to keep straight! A normal treatment will cost between $500+ depending on the hair type and thickness. However, the first 10 clients each week will get...

Fashion throughout the Decades: 1920’s

Fashion is in a constant state of change. The industry itself is creating new ideas and recycling old ones whilst making them new, and throughout the years there is always someone who we refer to a "style icon" of that age. A person who inspires us to constantly play around with our style, no matter our age, weight, or gender. These are people who have left their own finger print on what fashion truly is. Timeless. For first style icon feature, let's go back to the 1920's where cupids bow lips and pencil thin brows were all the rage, when women cut their hair short, and wore dresses that sparkled...

Timeless Hair Accessories: Head Scarves

There are certain hair trends that come and go in the blink of the eye, but when you look at fashion throughout the decades you realize that some things never go out of style. Like a classic red lip, or a cute pair of black heels, and when it comes to hair accessories, head scarves always seem to stick around. We're not complaining though, it's the perfect way to refresh and add flair to any outfit! Women have been wearing head scarves throughout the years, look at the Glam Ladies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Nothing looks as classy as a beautiful scarf framing your face.   [gallery size="medium"...

Blue Waves of Colour at Sparkle Beauty House

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="288"] //[/caption] For a while at Sparkle Beauty House we thought that grey hair was the trend that was taking over! but suddenly Spring has Sprung and with the warmer weather, the latest hair colour requests have been a variety of gorgeous shades of blue! We are in loveeee with the ocean tones we've been turning out here at Sparkle Beauty House. Here are some of our favourite looks that we've done here at Sparkle Beauty House, along with a list of our favourite "true blue" hair colours. [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="361,362"] If you’d like to try the trend out for yourself then give us a call and...

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