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Fun fact

Fun fact! Yesterday, we have had some people who do not understand "WHY COPY RIGHTS" is matter and why we reserved our rights! Got some rather ignorant replies from a non-customer which we have our cameras captured it for our records, the individual was a quite pretty, dressed well but rather rude and totally a disrespectful individual. One another hand, shortly after that, we had a lovely couple who we spotted and totally loved our place and took some pictures of our place, we pointed out to our notice, and so they respected the note. Well, we then invited the couple into our salon and let them...

If your hair is short to midium range and need …

If your hair is short to midium range and need some change for his summer, Ann will design some new look for you and offer a really good deal. Our price is VERY affordable in a super nice salon set up, we wash hair in the most comfy shampoo sink, so come on in and be pampered. Want an Ombre or Balayage deal, with our custom designed for your new look. Call 778 839 5656 or 604 428 5969 ** Quote this post...

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