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One of the questions that many of our clients …

One of the questions that many of our clients asked and here is our point with the link : (Why is it important to use professional and good quality shampoo at home, ladies, we tend to spend money on things including cosmetics, skin care etc, our hair need it too)

When you dye your hair, the coloring opens up the cuticle so the color absorbs completely into the cortex (interior of the hair shaft).To prevent the hair from drying out, your scalp naturally produces oil with slightly acidic pH to close the hair shafts. However, frequent coloring can result in your scalp producing too much oil, leaving your hair greasy. A pH-balanced shampoo not only helps keep cuticles closed but prevents the scalp from producing too much oil after treating your hair. After all, oily hair is the last thing you expect to have after treatment.

pH Balancing Shampoos : pH-balancing shampoos aren’t just important to those who frequently color their hair. If you have a naturally oily scalp, dry brittle ends or thin hair – pH-balanced shampoos can help reverse damage and give you the healthy hair you deserve.

For oily hair try a pH-balanced shampoo that contains panthenol

For dry hair with split ends try a pH-balancing shampoo that contains fatty alcohols like cetyl alcohol

For color-treated hair pick shampoos with elements like jojoba oil and vitamin E to maintain moisture

For more information please follow this link :

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