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Today we met someone who claimed to not agreeing …

Today we met someone who claimed to not agreeing with our property and business rights, she also stated that she wish to take the picture of our copy rights sign which by the way have our logo on it, do you know that you cannot just use our logo without our permission? Anyway so we thought we would put our disclosure here to avoid any confusion as this individual seem to be a little confused. We always ask people politely to tag us as a courtesy and as a respect of our concept and ideas which we believe it is our rights. Too often, we do get rude, ignorant and selfishness responses and there for we feel that we do have our rights to put out copy rights notice at our business premise. However, it is absolutely YOUR choice to take the risk of that legal matter.

WE do not believe that it is fair for anyone just take picture of other people property for fun unless agreed by both parties, imagine we stand right outside of YOUR home and snap hundred of photos of your property for our personal enjoyment! Weird right?

So with today rudeness remarks from someone who just walked by and we were nice enough to come out and say hi, the ignorant reply were not really appreciated.

So here what our belief! Caring and loving is free and it should be shared, but when people taken advantage of our hard work and with disrespect for their personal gained, it is WRONG!

The Management
Special Beauty House Inc.

Stores are private, malls are private, casinos are private, theaters are private and all of them are perfectly within their rights to prohibit photography.

I don’t think you can be fined since I don’t think it’s a criminal offense. I’d assume it’s a tort and you could be sued in some way. I’m not sure what offense it is (maybe one of our resident lawyers could comment). Perhaps trespass? I’d think the odds of anyone bringing a civil case for this are slim to none. It’s a good threat to timid photographers but I don’t think there’s much of a chance of it happening.

For more information please visit the following link :

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