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Special Announcement

Special Announcement :

If you wish your child to try out something new in sport and spend their time wisely, perhaps train to reach a winning spot in this type of sport? Check this out and connect with us at Sparkle Beauty House , stay tuned for more fun clip though, we have some children already want to start with us and we have room for a few more 🙂

Jeff Evans has been around the game as squash as long as he can remember. His parents used to take him to the squash club in a stroller while they played just outside of Toronto, and he started playing competitively at the age of 13. He played through his junior years and eventually moved to BC, where he got his first teaching pro position at Sport Central in Richmond. After a brief stint on the PSA tour, he eventually moved on into the mortgage business, but the game has always stayed in his heart.

Jeff has continued to coach and mentor players, and has coached some of the top junior players in Canada with his good friend Shakiru Matti. He has continued to learn and grow over the years as a player and a person, and feels he has much to contribute to the development of talented athletes.

He feels his philosophies on the game and training for it are quite different than the prevailing wisdom in squash circles and laments the relative weakness of Canadian squash on the world level. He is looking for motivated junior athletes (and just as importantly, motivated parents) who are ready for a different, more holistic approach to squash training. A type of training that goes just beyond “payment for time on court” and works more towards healthy sustainable habits that will ensure success on the squash court, as well as in preparation for a healthy life, while strives to attain the highest levels of international achievement, but does it intelligently, through smart and efficient preparation.

Whether child has played and is frustrated with the game, or has been told by a coach that he/she was not talented enough, or been told he/she is talented but underachieving, or is too old, or too young, or too small, or too out of shape…do not listen to them. Jeff gets excited and motivated to change these player’s circumstances. He does not believe in limits beyond those imposed by one’s own beliefs and desires with regards to this game. Everyone is a unique puzzle and there are solutions for an astonishing number of challenges that many do not believe there are solutions for.

If you read this and are skeptical, no problem! Jeff is available to meet and discuss your child’s individual needs and you are welcome to try a few sessions before deciding to commit to him, contact him for coaching at

Something new, perhaps… to our friends, more about JE #Squash :

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