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Fun fact

Fun fact!

Yesterday, we have had some people who do not understand “WHY COPY RIGHTS” is matter and why we reserved our rights! Got some rather ignorant replies from a non-customer which we have our cameras captured it for our records, the individual was a quite pretty, dressed well but rather rude and totally a disrespectful individual.

One another hand, shortly after that, we had a lovely couple who we spotted and totally loved our place and took some pictures of our place, we pointed out to our notice, and so they respected the note. Well, we then invited the couple into our salon and let them take the pictures and we explained why we have such notice to non-clients. They respect us, we respect them, fair enough. We had a great conversation and to be frank in general we are polite to everyone but we just don’t like people who have no respect in our design and creativity of our beautiful place, yes it is unique but why not spread the love and share the page if you like it enough to take the pictures of our property for your personal collection. The design is fresh and unique and so we called it our “Copy Rights”

Copy rights is not new and is the law, we always clear on our viewpoint and we do not like to pretend. We are no competition (and not interested to compete) to other people who shared the same industry, we just doing our things which we love to and that’s called “Beauty”. Our place is beautiful, our price is fair and we have no boundary despite colours or races, we are one. We also like nice and kind people, and not a fan of rudeness.

Most of our 300+ clients who came into our salon since we opened the business 6 months ago know us as we do keep things run the same way as what you see on our fan page. How can ones get to know another without trying to communicate with another? Facebook is a very good way to learn a little bit more about who we are and to stay in touch with us.

Thank you many of you who understand our position on this, much appreciate.

Sample of copy rights notice from some reputable resource below. (If you are in the film industry, you will understand why you need a location released from the owner of the property when taking pictures or video of their places, public or not public!)


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