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DIY don’t!

At some point or another we have all had these hair dying moments, when you’re looking for a change so you go to the drugstore and pick out a nice box dye. Maybe you want to go blonde or go crazy with some pink hair! So you pick out your colour and you run home super excited to put it in. You wait 45 minutes for the hair dye to sink in, wash it out, and then you get out of the shower and you realize… this was not what you wanted… (not to mention now your bathroom is covered in hair dye smudges)


Correction, *there’s nothing as amazing as red hair (Come on Ann, your hair is gorgeous!) Credit to

Not knowing what to do, you realize you’ll have to call and book an appointment at your local hair salon to correct it. You feel that embarrassment settle in, as you have to confess that you used a box dye. Your face turns red as you feel shamed by your stylist as they “tsk tsk” at you, which just makes things worse.


Credit to

But here’s the thing, even the most brilliant hair stylists have had hair mishaps before! And here at Sparkle Beauty House we don’t believe that you should feel ashamed that you experimented on your hair! Quite the opposite, we love knowing people who dare to change up their look. However, box dyes really are unreliable and sit on the shelves for years, so please please think about the consequences the next time you use a box dye.

So yes, experiment on your hair! but please get it done at a salon, and here at Sparkle Beauty House we want you to sit back and relax while we do all the work! And you’ll leave with the colour of your dreams.

If you’d like to book an appointment with us please call our number 778-839-5656 or our front desk at 604-428-5969

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